Yahoo Fantasy League for KO members.

The league is fittingly named KO NYK KO


We'd love to have some of you lads join the frey, it'd add more of a sense of camaraderie here and will make for good downtime and stop you from masturbating so furiously. So please if, like me, it'll be your first time to have a go at the whole Fantasy League bonanza - not the masturbating, clearly - then come along, join the fun, join the jamboree!

The required league code to join iSaYughh and I on our quest for supremacy is 103550

We will tell you the password via PM if you're interested, WHICH YOU SHOULD BE!, as we're trying to avoid butt cancerous trolls infecting both the fantasy league and, more importantly,

In order to sign up, you go here:

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

You join the league here:

You sign up via facerape, gmail or yahoo here

- sorry for inconvenience to those who have to go through setting up an account.

And from there you choose your team name and avatar etc. and we're all very close to kicking off an in-house dogfight for Fantasy bragging rites, which I, naturally, will win! The smack has begun.

It's all very easy, and looks like it's well worth the 5 minutes it'll take to get underway.

Just PM either me or iSaYughh if you're up for it - that sounds gay - and we'll send you your exclusive password!

Neg rep to anyone who drafts Celtic or Heat players