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can someone explain to me how this fantasy league works?
i'm making moves, but not sure what i'm doing, when are points tallied,
when can players be added/dropped and how long does a matchup lasts.

sorry for the ignorance, i'm sure this is fun when you know what's up.
is there a primer for the kind of league we've got going on?

thanks braaaaaah.
Each week your team accumulates "points", based off scoring criteria like points, steals, blocks, rebounds, 3pters, etc.

Each week you face another team from the league. I believe there are 9 "scoring" criteria that gauge your players' performance throughout the week.

Whomever wins the most categories based off those points each week gets the "win" over your opponent. (eg, if you win 5 categories, he wins 4, you beat him and notch a "win" in the standings, he gets a loss).

We got two divisions right now, and I think 8 teams make playoffs, with top seeds, etc. That's of course based off how you rank in your division based off those wins/losses.

You can drop a player from your team and pick up another from "free agency"/waiver whenever; I think 4 moves like that are allowed per week. And you can change your lineup whenever you like, daily, rotating around guys already on your team; as long as a player on your roster hasn't already begun that day's game, you can bench him and replace him with someone from your bench or team whenever you'd like.