I'm pretty sure waiver time is 2 days, so you'll always have to wait a full day before anything takes effect. all the rules of this league can be found here:
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yeah, a couple days this week there's only a few games, so chances are you'll only have 2-4 players that day, hopefully your opponent is in the same situation, and/or you'll make up for it when your lineup is full-on.

man, iSayUghhh really got f*cked by his cousin, cost him a full week of a tight matchup.

looks like the new week starts on Monday morning, as the week ends on Sunday. I already committed to 3 out of 4 changes, just can't help myself and my sh*tty crust crew. SOMEBODY WANNA TRADE??

i'd just like to say Metta World Peace can suck it, good luck to anyone who picks up that a-hole. he actually had a negative point performance.... whaaaaaatthefuuuuuuucccckkkkk?

good luck this week all, I'm matched against Crazy F*ckin 8's Porky Pirates and his Gay Love squad!