Originally Posted by CoolClyde
I need a halfway decent center, just traded Hubbert to Rady's F*cking Mice!
what a fool am I!!! can't believe I added Kwame Brown in a last ditch attempt
to solidify my center position, that's like using sh*t instead of concrete!

how did i end up with half of Philly's philthy squad, now I have to root against
my fantasy team in tomorrow's Knick game!

btw, who is Bouncy Bouncy kicking my fantasy butty buttocks?

and what's with these icons?
LoOooOoL, you just fed his mice filet mignon Cool, Old Lady'man Hubbert is a beast!

It's time to remove some of that **** stained concrete, and get some gold plates in your clubhouse. I'm a man of many Centers, let me take a look at your roster and see what we can work with.

At least the Walrus did right by you tonight. And you didn't release him from your cage into the wild of some other team!

(I think Bouncy is Smokes?)