will the Coquis de Boriken unbeaten **** be broken? will Pringles and his Walrus prevail over the lick mah dick dominator?

will KBlack actually make some roster moves, or just play blind against DaTPRINCE the PRINE, who doesn't even play?

will the cool-ass Crust Crew prevail over the p0ndering come back kid?

will Rady's F*cking Mice be smoked into submission by Bouncy2?

will Crazy's Pork Pirates of Gay Love continue their beasting over 3MusketeerX, with Chris Kaman (yo mouf) now on board, sans team?

will Rono's Scorgasmic Multiples crunch the new Rte 1 Traffic Report into peanut butter and jam... probably...

I say we let Sh*ttee take over DaTPRINE's team, so his trade ideas can go crazy into fantasy and beyond.

3 days left, good luck gents!