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The Blockbuster Has Been Delivered

Team Crazy8's and Pringles4Life have consummated a true blockbuster.

IMHO, it actually suits both our squads and where we're at in the league pretty nicely. Though, we each take on some risk, for sure.

Kevin Love (PF, C)
Ty Lawson (PG)
Jason Richardson (SG, SF)
Thaddeus Young (SF, PF)

*traded for*

Amare Stoudemire (PF, C)
Carmelo Anthony (SF, PF)
Some European Named Jared (SF, PF)
Tyrus Thomas (PF, C)

Pringles has made out like a bandit. 4 quality starters, including a resurgent JRich. Jerebko and TTHomas are close to garbage, i guess Porky Pirates doesn't care about this fantasy league anymore, it's strange, but i guess his love for the Knicks overshadows any sense of competition. go figure.... Lin's play has made his mind melt.