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Nice one.

I like the idea of running two leagues, with one being a "veterans" league, open for people who have proven themselves as worthy GM's in a given season.

The league has been a smashing success this year, either way. A truly competitive league. For a league that isn't played for money/prizes, this is possibly the most cut-throat (in a good way) fantasy league I've been in. Real ballers.

And it's def true that it will get you more into the NBA at large, and more generally aware and keen to things.

It's early, but may as well mention again....to really up the ante in a super-competitive or "veterans" league, doing it auction/cap style is the most fun and interesting.

Basically, you draft and manage your team with a fantasy equivalent of a cap system.

Also, and I can't do it now since it impacts how you draft in a HUGE way: we could a keeper league. Where at the end of each season, every team can hold onto 3 players to start the next season with.

EG, even after Rubio's injury, Metro would have still wanted to keep him.

Rubio's very draft ranking would have been higher, too.

Do you really want KG, or is it better to reach on a young buck PF to hopefully hold on to for years down the road....

Only thing with a keeper league, is you should be reasonably sure you'll have at least a decent core of ppl who could realistically commit to doing the league for a good 3+ seasons.
Can we do this

I'm hoping Nate Robinson can replace Rubio's magic.

I'm loaded with point guards and centers. Im learning the NBA isn't very deep at SF. Trading LeBron was my downfall! LOL but I couldn't help my boredom. I love trades!