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Dude....sending me Howard for Love very well could single handedly score you this week, and be my demise.

Smmfh@ that big ass chump. DNPs out of spite the entire playoff week, and then puts up top5 worst performance of his entire career his 1 game back. Sick ****.

I want to clock Howard so bad.

edit -- funny, first major trade you ditched Lebron for Howard (not to mention Jennings and Bynum, goddamn Metro you had a stable of beasts). Playoff Round 1 through Thursday:

Howard: 18 points
Lebron: 118
I think the Nene thing is worse to be honest (sorry about that)... Howard is going to beast it soon no doubt he's not going to play like a chump for long, but Nene was a great producer and he's probably gonna get shut down.