Shumpert reminds me of Rondo with a better shot. This guy can play. He might fall in love with the jumpshot but once he hits it the confidence will soar and he will start driving and DUNKING on people which we have yet to see.

Douglas will be douglas, hitting three's but missing many shots, not doing much with the passing ans missing cutters and open men. He missed Chandler ten times last game when he was open and is so bad at passing in transition.

Bibby just has to hit the open shot. His passing is better than I thought. As long as he plays decent defense and hits the open shot, then he should be good.

Fields will improve. He looked really good, especially on defense in the last game. I think he had a couple steals and a bunch of rebounds. He isn't shooting to much but is making good choices on offense.
Fields would be the X factor if Shumpert wasn't on the team.

Shumpert is the x factor because he can be our sixth man. He can play the point and the 2 guard spot and make a difference guarding anyone in the league. He played well against D Will for a rookie.