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    Originally Posted by moneyg
    What i dont understand is.. if cleveland is paying him salary difference... why are we giving him 2.5 whe we could of just gave him the vet min????

    mind boggling....or am i missing something... could we save that for another free agent not amestied
    I think other teams out there (the Lakers?) might also have been interested in BD (I just read on someone's twitter account that we gave him a 1-yr, $2.5M deal). You know the Heat were also said to be interested --remember there was talk that Dan Gilbert was all worried that Davis would go to the Heat and he didn't want to help Lebron win a title...We lost out on Shawne Williams because we didn't come strong with our best offer right away. They probably didn't wanna see that happen again...Thinking about this just now -- maybe if we gave Shawne Williams the room exception, we don't even have a shot at Davis right now. I think Davis is more vital --- esp. if Renaldo Balkman truly has improved and proves he can fill in behind Melo.
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