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He was stuck with Don Nelson in GSW, then he had to put up with that racist **** Donald Sterling, and then he was dealt to the sorriest franchise in the NBA.

I don't blame him for it, to be honest.
There should be only ONE Baron Davis thread....

That is what makes it all funny....in Donald Sterling 30 years of owning the
Clippers, he was proud to boast about being the cheapest owner in the NBA.
As I can recall Baron Davis is the only UFA Donald Sterling signed with big
cash out of the FA market in his 30 years.

Baron Davis home town being LA....knew what he was getting into when he
accepted the Clippers offer. NBA fans were not suprise when Elton Brand
refuse to resign with the Clippers. Sterling & Dunleavy shouldve took care of
home-first than go after Baron Davis.

Knowing Donald Sterling....the 2012 offseason will let us fans know what
market (Big or small) Donald Sterling will thrive to be in...