We've seen the highlights...
We got a taste of his talents first hand during the Knicks 1st pre-season game...
NBA size (6'5" 220lbs)
PG pedigree from Georgia Tech where he led his team in Points, reb, and assists
Budding jumper
Loves to play defense
What can't thiz kid do?

When Davis gets back in a few weeks, D’Antoni will have tough decisions to make. In the preseason opener Saturday in Newark, the backup unit of Mike Bibby and rookie Iman Shumpert outplayed the starting tandem of Douglas and Landry Fields.
Fields was 2 of 12. Douglas and Fields combined to hit just 2 of 9 treys. It is possible that by February, the starting backcourt will be Davis and Shumpert, who glittered in his Knicks debut with 16 points. Douglas and Fields would become shooting-guard reserves with Bibby backing up Davis at the point.
Asked Shumpert’s future position and role, D’Antoni said of his first-round pick, “It’s hard to tag him. He’s been really good with the ball. So far his decision-making is good. He could be a starting 1 or starting 2. He’s got a pretty high ceiling.’’
Ok, ok I know it's early. I know we have no idea how Shump will look against the best in the EC
Rose, Rondo, etc...

And as predicted, the Shump vs Fields debate will be in full-swing

Who's better (or will be)?