Probably the biggest Shump fan in the world (I already had customed made his jersey before the lockout was over) yet we need to slow down a bit on our expectations.

We should bring him along slowly, he statistically had a good game, but there were a couple of wild moments that mean nothing in a Pre Season game, but won't fly during the regular season, and he's a rookie that's what you expect!

Again his comfort level out there was beyond mature and I think he will prove to be a starter before long, but lets wait.

Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry came off the bench and neither was the 6th man! Wilson sat the bench for much of his rookie season with us!

Shump showed Saturday the potential in what we have, but lets give it time, the worst thing is to throw him to the Wolves and have him dealing with a loss of confidence (although this kid's confidence and maturity is unreal).

I would love for him to start....just not right now, ideally around Feb.

If we start him now its more about Laundry's lack of production than Shumps skilll level, which would be a problem!

Really we should all be pulling for Laundry because his skill set is perfect for what this team needs.....Shump I believe when he gets there will be much better, but for now bring Shump along and hopefully Laundry can do what he needs to (rebound, defend, and score on cuts and wide open looks).