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    Originally Posted by CA7
    Fields needs to work on his shooting mechanics his release is too slow, he ends up pump faking most of the time, he needs a Korver type release or at least jump on his shot I mean damn, anyway I love his intangibles but he's better suited as a 3, In D'Antoni's system his 1's and 2's are generally interchangable I mean look at Nash and Barbosa both could handle the rock effectively. I mean if D'Antoni had say Rubio and Barea as his starting guards he'd be a lot less stressed out but thats just my opinion
    For us who played the game, we know that shooting the ball required relaxed CONFIDENCE. I knew when it was "SWEET" and when I forced it and when I was lucky ala Shumpet's 2 off the glass aganst the Nets. Everything was falling for IMAX and his soft touch but Landry did hit some buckets as well. I watched the ENCORE replay on Saturday.
    Shumpert will develope his shot and he already has the tools "TO CREATE OFF THE DRIBBLE".
    Landry does not do that. He brings rebounding...some better defense than average and a scoring potential if the PG gets him into the flow. Everything is in a state of flux right now.
    A ton of new faces as we are awaiting Baron Davis plus no pre-reason to speak of. PATIENCE GRASSHOPPERS.
    Right now everyone has an answer for problems that DO NOT YET EXIST.
    Ofcourse IMAX and BIBBY outplayed the first unit of TD and was just one game with TD playing on cramped up legs. Relax bro' a hot Patrami on Rye...and chill abit. No body here is beating up on Chandler like they are on Landry...his number were not stellar either plus Amare's numbers sucked...CA7 but you are only bashing Fields. Last year Amare played hurt and poorly at the end. We have not seen the old Amare of six 30 plus games in a row.
    However if things do not change I will be forced to CA7 to my buddies ONLY KIDDING
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