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Yes, Fields has the potential to be a starter, but on this team he'll be better for us coming off the bench. As a starter he defers too much and has a problem adjusting to the starpower along side of him. He was a rookie last year, so I'm not going to fault him for his second half collapse.

He was just star struck a bit and had the best seats in the house (on the court) watching the Stat and Melo show.

With some added focus and a few adjustments to his game...he can be that stater...but for now his talent is needed when Stat and/or Melo is resting. Putting those 3 together doesn't seem to work well because Fields is too willing to give up the rock to the vets, often overlooking his own easy opportunities.

That's called pasivity, whereas Imax seems aggressive.

Its still a question but why "force" Fields knowing what he brings?

Hypothetically picture Fields on one of these playoff teams
CHI, BOS, MIA, MEM, DAL, OKC, etc...

All those teams have better sg's, and Fields would be a bench player on those squads.

Now, replacing any of those teams sg's with Fields, and we WON'T see a major drop off because Fields is a good all-around player, but still not a starter.

Now picture Fields playing defense against those playoff teams sg's... he can't be relied on to shut any of them down.

So in conclusion, Fields is a starter by default. If Shum continues to impress, moving him into the starting rotation is better sooner than later.

All we need to see is Imax vs Rose, Rondo, etc... he already held his own vs D. Williams.