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I did see the game and here is the issue...

You and others are thinking that this is a competition bt. Fields & shump, whoevere gets the best Stats in pre-season games should start.

That's incorrect.

What I (and you) should be noticing is WHO FITS BETTER IN THE STARTING LINE-UP. Of course we will take many things into account like Fields avg. < 2points in the playoffs, or his nosedive when Melo arrived.

But more improtantly its "what do we need, and who brings it"?

We don't need a no-show hustle rebounder at the two! Especially one who can't guard his position.

I've already noticed that Imax CAN guard the 1 or 2 pos.

He has speed, the latteral quickness, and technique to do so where Fields doesn't. Its that simple.

Imax has what's needed in the starting rotation with potentially 3 TOP scorers (+ B Diddy) that's defense and being athletically gifted to surpass what Fields does.

+ He has more heart.

Bambi Fields is a quintessential "hustle" player. Run plays for him with the 2nd unit, build his confidence perhaps but...

Bambi Doesn't have the mental make-up to mesh with stars we have in the trenches. He's nervous and thinking too much.

Imax has swagger- he fits better. Trust.
Thing is though, can plays be run for Fields off the bench as it would with a very good passer with Baron Davis as a starter?

You gotta remember Fields played with much confidence too early on last year. If Fields gets chemistry with Davis, and if Shumpert continues to show confidence and plays well, then we can make a much, much better judgement. We know D'Antoni is gonna start Fields early on, what if the other starters aren't clicking with Fields? That might mean having him come off the bench when B. Diddy comes back isn't a good idea. If Shumpert has "it", then he'll get it, whether it's off the bench or being a starter. I think don't D'Antoni will wait around this time for a rookie to get earned minutes,