Listen, I know many don't like Dolan but I have to give him some props. The guy is willing to spend millions to bring a winner to NYC. He has never strayed from being over the cap paying millions in luxury tax. He did not hesitate to amnesty Billups and pay his 14+ million salary in addition to newly acquired Tyson.

Now it appears he talked B-diddy into taking the vet min salary so we could use our 2.5 mil exception on rounding out the bench.

Source says NY owner James Dolan convinced Davis it was worth sacrifice to keep Knicks in running for other vets (James Posey among them)
He may have made some mistakes and he at times can come off as an arrogant ass but I am officially giving this dude his much earned recognition! One thing is for sure he will not hesitate to spend if he thinks it can give us Knick fans a ring.