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The second sentence in that article is complete bull****!

He passed up the opportunity to join STRONGER teams?

And then they mention the Lakers? They look weak as hell, Kobe is their only weapon, maybe Bynum - that's it. Gasol is soft as baby skin and their role playerssuck apart from McRoberts, they're not even the best team in L.A. anymore...

and the Heat...well it remains to be seen whether they are stronger than us.....we have more depth and a true center.

Disrespectful oppinion on the Knicks, like always in the media...acting as if Baron selected the Bobcats over Miami and the Lakers....weaker team yeah, F you journalists!

I dont believe the Lakers or Miami had any interest in Baron Davis past
four-season of injury-prone inconsistency. Great PR promotion by Davis.
The Knicks signed Baron Davis experience to establish a few dominating
offensive-plays by being able to put a trio of scorers in a lineup to win-win-
win in the regular season games.

The media will keep on disrespecting the Knicks untill they witness a consistent
co-existence between the two superstars "Amare & Melo".

Real Talk....TD & Fields co-exist great on the defensive-end having
Tyson Chandler in the paint changing oponents shot selection, the trio
of defensive players has established stops. It is much better than what
our two top scorers Amare & Melo has established on the offensive-end
of the court as in design halfcourt pick n roll, catch n shoot behind screens,
or slashing to the basket on a Tyson screen. Some peeps are blaming PG-TD
non-creative passing skills without noticing Amare & Melo are not moving
without the ball, and they rarely pass the ball to teammates in a preseason
game when oponents are doubling Amare or Melo when they get the ball.
It is up to Amare & Melo movement to offset our offense into a weapon when
both players are expecting touches on every offensive play.

Will the addition of PG-Baron Davis or PG-Bibby leading the point improve
our offensive attack?