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    Originally Posted by Sprewell-Houston
    I respect you for beeing a veteran kiya, but DAMN bro you're ALWAYS hatin on everything the Knicks do or don't do!

    Are you a Knick fan?

    Let's support our team for a start ok?

    It ain't 2006 bro!

    u right.... I have been callin out each of Layden/Isiah/and Walsh decision-
    making moves....which does question my being a Knicks-Fan the past decade,
    or am I a Knicks-fan that been hatin on owner Dolan's selection of the past GM.

    The Knicks recently signed two of the NBA top-5 high scorers....
    What pieces should the Knicks surround around these two scoring superstars?
    A) The old Knicks DEFENSE? 1969 to 1999
    B) Add more star offensive players?
    C) Add any available minimum wage player?

    As much as I hated losing Chauncy Billups, the signing of a top NBA defensive
    center "Tyson Chandler" was the right direction for the Knicks to go in during
    this short 66 game season. Center Tyson not only compliments Amare/Melo
    but he also compliments our 2nd season hustling Big-Guard Landry Fields in
    the starting lineup. Missing piece to starting lineup is a creative pass-first PG
    (we probably wont get untill the 2012-13 season). TD is a great 3rd season
    backup PG that create havoc in defending/scoring.

    During this short 66 game season our direction should be looking to sign
    young defensive depth off the bench, or experience veterans to help our
    coach mentor our young players. Shump will be tested as a combo-guard
    in his rookie season. Jorts will be tested as F/C in his rookie season. Walker
    will be tested on how well he co-exist as a big-SG. Balkman will be tested on
    how well he co-exist as a hustling foward. Jordan will be tested on how well
    he could be a backup center.
    The missing depth piece was the D.League defensive stand-out F/C-Sean
    Williams rebounding/shotblocking to be "mentored" by Tyson Chandler &
    Amare to become one of their prime backups in our bigman rotation.

    NBA Bigmen are always the first to get injured on a team....especially a contender...
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