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Let me be the first to say, NICE!!!!!
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Yall are off the chain. I will step it up this year game thread is sick as usual sir!
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As usual awesome work
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You masturbated all my senses at once with this thread!

It's not as good as advertised, it's 10 times better!

Crazy8's: You are the ****ing man bro!

Best Knick fan I know since Spike

It's an honor to have you onboard.

Good luck with your first child, how old are you?
And is the mother one of the Knicks City Dancers?
Sadly, no. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm 31, bro! Probably one of the seniors on board here presumably?

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This threads made my balls wet!

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The Greatest Game Thread EVER!!!!!!!!

Im gonna have to go get a few extra tubes of KY Jelly for this one. Ill be back tonight with more comments on this, but right now its time to take a nap. But first i have to begin my procedure, it starts with me using a toothbrush (the same one i use for my teeth) to spread KY Jelly all over my shaft and grundle.
WTF is a grundle?

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Boy oh boy, this is the greatest game thread i've ever seen!! Man, i don't even care if we lose the game, this thread is a winner!!

ps: i would totally cry if we lose to boston
Thanks a lot, Rady. I do it for the site, my friend. I love this site! Great posters, good times, and all this crew that I get along so well with: I really hope we all stay onboard and keep up the flow. Thanks for putting the site up and sticking with it.

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Take a bow my man. Great work as always.

Now just to get through 5 days until the damn game! At least there's another juicy little preseason beatdown to give to NJ tomorrow.
You know it!

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Cannot believe this thread. Unbelievable.
Best thread i have ever seen.

I just want to smash Boston right now after reading this.
That was the intent!

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Best thread ever.

55 points combined for Stat & Melo. If Brandon "I chuck and suck" Jennings can do it, then...
good point!

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I'm listening to the music while peeping this thread. My G Crazy 8's!

this **** is crazy!


Titties and all that!

P.S. We'll take "big asses for $100 Alex"...

save that for New Years Eve!

"big asses for $100 Alex"