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    Default Kenyon Martin bought out in China

    " Kenyon Martin is no longer with the Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers of the Chinese [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Association, but he will not be able to play in the NBA until he receives a letter of clearance from FIBA, which wonít happen until the teamís season is over, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
    The CBA instituted a rule this season prohibiting out-clauses in contracts with [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] players. Based on this report, FIBA is holding players to that rule. The Chinese leagueís playoffs run into March, so thatís the earliest Martin is expected to be back in the NBA. " - Credit: Sporting News

    From what I read on the matters over this past month, and what I pretty much confirmed with the Nuggest beat writer Benjamin Hochman, this is almost like a mini-lockout.

    Kenyon can return to the states and work out on his own, but he can not work out with any teams until his team plays their final regular season/playoff game.

    What I do believe is true is that Kenyon can make a verbal agreement with a team, and sign the official contract in March. The drawbacks to this is that he could reconsider in a month or two.

    Kenyon Martin is what the Knicks need. A gritty veteran who would be a perfect back-up to STAT, and be hungry to get a ring before he retires. Sign me up.

    Knicks Roster for Late March/April

    C- Chandler
    PF- STAT
    SF- Melo
    SG- Fields
    PG- Baron



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    Knicks FO has to make this happen, Kenyon Martin is exactly what we need as our back-up pf. He has experience, is a solid scorer, and he's a defensive leader just like Tyson Chandler.

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    Meh, he is old but for exception I guess we should pull the trigger. Problem is he can't come for months since his team will be in playoffs over in China.

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    Wilson Chandler is a realistic pickup IMO. He genuinely loved playing for the Knicks and I wouldn't be surprised if he took 2.5mil for a few months this season. Getting Wilson Chandler back to this team would be awesome.

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    Except Wilson is still a RFA so the Nuggets have first dibs on him and they'll most likely match a 1 year/2.5 mil deal.

    Kenyon Martin would be a great pickup for us, he'd be great as a backup PF.

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    Supposedly Melo made statements that the Knicks should get him and I have to agree K. Mart while not what he use to be should have enough left to back up amare and/or play PF to Amare at the 5 since he's spent a good chunk of his career doing that with Nene a scoring center. He might now be able to play until March at a prorated mini MLE but considering that would be pay just to add depth and play in the playoffs why not?

    Also with K. mart playing a sub role the Knicks would gave the best front court hands down.

    As for Wilson Chandler the only chance he plays for the Knicks is the 2012 season if He doesn't signs the QO with the nuggets this year and the knicks offer him the Full MLE for 3 years. This should be close to 6 million a year at that point, so 18 million overall. That is a bit of a leap of faith by the organization. It requires the nuggets to not match (which they might not because Gallo is killing it out there and would need to be paid). Also that would be the Last Full MLE before the luxury cap and the knicks having the same lack of roster movement as the Heat. However a good back up 2/3/4 tweener may be the only piece not represented on the team at that point.

    That may be fair value for him plus a little NY discount since maybe (just maybe) a few teams have become wiser and are not overpaying for every player or giving out long contracts (nick young, dalembert, etc) in fact most of the large/long contracts being giving out are too high need players (T Chandler is a championship Defensive Center on a team that need all his skills) or simply to meet the new mandatory minimum spending cap (see the nuggets & Affalo) The only time this isn't the case is when a team gets desperate after striking out in free agency (the warriors & Kwame) but those are short contracts. So yeah their is a slim possibility but it is so far in the future who knows what will happen??
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