Whether you don't like them because of their demeanor or the way that they conduct themselves on and off the court, list the top 10 players that you dislike the most in the NBA.Here's my list.

1.Lebron James-The biggest attention seeking drama queen in pro sports.

2.Kevin Garnett- The fact that he plays for the Boston Celtics and that he acts like a jerk towards other NBA players on the court.

3.Paul Pierce- Always didn't like him but I lost all respect for him after his antics in MSG last season.

4.Richard Jefferson- Couldn't stand him since the first day I saw him play.

5.Kobe Bryant- Never liked his ****iness.Always saw him as overrated since he was never able to carry his team without the help of Shaq and Gasol.

6.Eddy Curry- Was the biggest waste to ever be on a Knicks roster and hearing about him reminds me of those terrible years that the Knicks had during the Isiah Thomas era.

7.Chris Bosh- Always saw him as a bufoon.And the fact that people actually thought that he was a better than Amar'e.

8. Brook Lopez-He annoys me as a player.

9.Grant Hill-Always respected him as a basketball player until he used the Knicks as leverage the last couple of years in order to get the Suns to give him a new contract.

10.Larry Hughes-Lost respect for him after he left the Knicks.