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    Default Your top 10 NBA players that you dislike the most

    Whether you don't like them because of their demeanor or the way that they conduct themselves on and off the court, list the top 10 players that you dislike the most in the NBA.Here's my list.

    1.Lebron James-The biggest attention seeking drama queen in pro sports.

    2.Kevin Garnett- The fact that he plays for the Boston Celtics and that he acts like a jerk towards other NBA players on the court.

    3.Paul Pierce- Always didn't like him but I lost all respect for him after his antics in MSG last season.

    4.Richard Jefferson- Couldn't stand him since the first day I saw him play.

    5.Kobe Bryant- Never liked his ****iness.Always saw him as overrated since he was never able to carry his team without the help of Shaq and Gasol.

    6.Eddy Curry- Was the biggest waste to ever be on a Knicks roster and hearing about him reminds me of those terrible years that the Knicks had during the Isiah Thomas era.

    7.Chris Bosh- Always saw him as a bufoon.And the fact that people actually thought that he was a better than Amar'e.

    8. Brook Lopez-He annoys me as a player.

    9.Grant Hill-Always respected him as a basketball player until he used the Knicks as leverage the last couple of years in order to get the Suns to give him a new contract.

    10.Larry Hughes-Lost respect for him after he left the Knicks.
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    1. LeBron James- The most hyped player ever

    2. Paul Pierce- Kevin Garnett made him relevant

    3. Andray Blatch- I hate all players who wear double wristbands

    4. Josh Howard- see Blatche

    5. Stephen Jackson- see Howard

    6. Chris Bosh- He thinks he's this all world guy, he's soft, wants to be James and Wade and looks like a dinosaur

    7. Tim Duncan- I respect the hell out of him but he is so BORING

    8. Brook Lopez- need I say more

    9. Anthony Randolph- He has all the physical tools, imagine him with a STAT or D12 work ethic

    10. Orange Juice Mayonnaise- Another guy who does not play the way he can not to mention Tony Allen son'd this man

    Honorable Mention- Varejoa and Noah

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    1. Kevin Garnett - calling Villanueva a "cancer patient", firing words at Spike Lee or telling a ball boy that asked for his autograph that "he's got a better chance of catching Bin Laden" made KG being a jerk.

    2. Ron Artest - somebody please tell me how a 6'7 guy calling for world peace can intentionally punch a 6' player right in his face?

    3. Derek Fisher - that has nothing to do with his lockout work, he's the biggest flopper in the league.

    4. Paul Pierce - fake Willis Reed...

    5. Jimmer Fredette - bandwagon, stop talking about Jimmer range!

    I can't find more guys to make the list up to 10, I can even tolerate LeBron, if something reminds me another guys that should be hanging on the list, I'll update my post.
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    1. Derin Williams - I hate the Nets

    2. Shook Lopez - Did i mention i hate the Nets?

    3. Big Baby Davis - Flabby and sick

    4. Chris Wilcox - Celtics fans actually think this guy will help them

    5. Kevin Garnett - He aint sh*t at this point but still talks trash

    6. Grant Hill - The same thing knicksin60 said

    7. Lebron James - i only hate him not because of the hype, but he did play into the hype and act like what he was hyped up to be when he aint. Hes not what he says he is

    8. Richard Jefferson - agree with knicksin60 again, i always hated him

    9. Carlos Boozer - dude sucks

    10. Chris Bosh/Pau Gasol - Both them are soft. At least Pau went hard for a few years so I'd say i hate him less, both them should be great with their height and skills

    *edit* Pierce should really be on my list for his b*tch like antics he uses when he fakes injuries. I only respect him because hes always been underrated in my opinion, at least until 08

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    In no particular order:

    Kevin Garnett - Slaps players in the balls, acts like an enforcer but is in reality a *****.

    Paul Pierce - I wanted to punch him square in the face when he bowed at MSG, plus he's a massive faker.

    Robert Horry - He always played for the opponent of the team I was going for, and always managed to hit big shots to bury them. Plus I hated his shooting style, shoot properly you lazy ****.

    Lebron James - Dude just needs to grow up and stop thinking he's bigger than the game.

    Reggie Miller - I can look back in awe at his accomplishments and late game heroics these days, but I hated Reggie back in the 90s a lot.

    Christian Laettner - From his Duke days all the way through to the NBA, he was a bitch.

    David Robinson - I honestly don't know why, but I just never liked him.

    Charles Smith - Mainly cos I always viewed his as useless, Smith was the weakness in those 90s Knicks teams.

    Jared Jeffries - The modern day Charles Smith, in fact I cringe even more when he has the ball than I ever did with Charles Smith.

    Tie: Vince Carter/Chris Bosh - Just overrated.

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    Jared Dudley - I hate Boston College
    Paul Pierce - I hate him (the dude who stabbed him deserves a medal of honor)
    KG - A complete scumbag
    "The Jimmer" I'm not on the bandwagon. This Tebow type kid...Can't stand him
    J.J Reddick - Duke..nuff said
    O.J Mayo - All talk - No Game
    LeBitch - I'm gonna take my talent.....really? Who in the right mind say something like that? I'm gonna take my talents....EFF U LeBitch.
    Chris Bosh - WNBA
    Gerrald Wallace - Darius Miles wannabe
    Joakim Noah - He is good and I don't want him to be. But he is and I HATE HIM for it.

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    Charles Smith-you know why. Kobe Bryant- He always acting like he better than somebody, and i don't mean bball. Jamal Crawford- He is just terrible. Tony Douglas- That's right tony"the gunner" douglas, that bastard won't stop shooting. Tony Parker- How does that little **** keep getting those scoop layups over centers, SMH. Dwayne Wade-Because he could have told "the frozen one" to eat a **ck, MIA is mine. Chris Bosh-Did you see him Scream on Stage, SMH. Kenyon Martin-Dude celebrates everything, he thinks he was worth that wasted #1 overall pick, what a joke. Greg oden- Hell, im still waiting to see him play. The frozen one-For not signing with the knicks.
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    Yea, mother**** Charles Smith and Michold Jordan

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    1. Lebitch James - most overhyped player ever. Chocked every time the chips were down.

    2. Paul Pierce - drama queen, faking injuries and in general a piece of s***

    3. Kevin Garnett - Acts like a complete ******* on the court

    4. Dwyane Wade - I hate his arrogance and all the cheap calls he gets.

    5. Blake Griffin - I completely agree on what Matt Barnes said about him.

    6. Brook Lopez - I hate his demeanor on the court.

    7. Marvin Williams - biggest bust since Kwame Brown, can't do s*** on the court.

    8. Metta World Peace - I'm lost for words. He was bad enough as Ron Artest....

    9. Chauncey Billups - Didn't like him as a Knick, can't stand him since he joined the Clippers.

    10. J.R. Smith - convict not baller.

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    Default I could say the WHOLE League for taking 66 game deal LOL

    (honorable mention)... Micheal Jordan..Brother still sit on the bench like he want to play..and told player to take 12%..a true republican...

    #1 Chris Bosh...glad NYC duck that bullet..but screaming on stage and then crying in the locker room was just priceless..never got Toronto into 2nd round bu swear he a beast..

    #2 Eddy Curry...enough said...ask for advance on year salary waste of a talent and his cash coming off the book is best post move Ever....

    #3..Kevin Garnett..Love him in Minnesota..acting like a real punk last few years tickling guys balls n shoving and Tripping in the playoffs Melo..

    #4..Westbrook...starting to remind of Starbury..all the talent but refuse to be a leader on the court..verdict is still out on him...

    #5...Lebron...talks to much just play..celebrate too much then bitches when he loses..doing interviews about his hood..LOL I sure IF the Heat won last year he would've been partying LOL

    #6 Delonte West...We all have a mother DAMN IT!!!

    #7...Joe Johnson..126 Million..enough NEVER improve but checks keep getting bigger..

    #8..D-Howard...Shut up n play..and get few post moves...

    #9..Ron can't be from Queens n take meds and say Metta World Peace LOL

    #10...Kendrick Perkins..Stay mean Mugin n tryin to **** guys up but then want a call when he get the ball....

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    1. Lebron -the fact that he moved cities doesnt bother me. He did it in such a d*** way that I have to make him number one.

    2. Anthony Randolph - He honestly is the most worthless player in the league.

    3. Brandon Roy- He left Portland by "retiring", and rejoined. And not the way Brett Favre did it.

    4. Kevin Martin- tries to run an offense that he can't run. He shoots too much as well.

    5. Antwan Jamison- He doesn't know when to do something or not.

    6. Kevin Garnett- see every post above me

    7. Chris Bosh- He's way too ****y (look up "Random Guy; Chris Bosh")

    8. Darko Millicic- Think about it. Go back to the 2003 NBA draft. This guy was taken 2nd overall: over players such as Melo, Chris Bosh, D-Wade, and others. He just sucks, and I cant like a bust.

    9. Dwight Howard- Getting in beef with coaches since 2009

    10. Kobe Bryant- PASS THE DAMN BALL

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    1. Baby Bron Bron - He needs to go away. He moved to Miami and thought he was all that. Chokes every year but has one good postseason and now he is immortal. Shut up hes not..7 rings? Yea right I hope he chokes big time this postseason and never wins anything again. Screwed the Cavs and is a huge flopper, complains about everything, a huge crybaby. Lebrons about as bad a player (non-skill) wise you can get.

    These are not in order as I really dont hate anyone else but do dislike some...
    2. Joe Johnson - Nets are better? Shut up you waste of a roster spot.
    3. Deron Williams - once again nets are no good shut up.
    4. Chris Bosh - A big old dummy.
    5. Jeremy lin - the way he left the knicks and now trys to make it out like we are the bad guy. He wanted cash and is proving he isnt worth that. Plus he played his heart out... against the knicks?
    6. Stat...ok ok, I like him now, but if he screws this all up with lack of D, energy or not buying into the team or wanting to be the man and is all mad you sure bet he will be on here.
    7. Ray Allen - For joining the heat
    Do non players count?
    8. Mike No D Antoni - Absolute garbage. Such a bad coach. Made this talented team under-perform last year. Look at Woody. A great coach.
    9. Erik Spoelstra - Not a good coach. But is praised like one, he doesnt do squat he has lebron, bosh and Wade to do it for him
    10. Mikeal Prokhov - Nets owner, needs to shut up. The nets are a garbage franchise and always will be. Not even close to the knicks.

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    1. Kevin Garnett-he's just obnoxious
    2. Vince Carter- still arrogant despite being trash now
    3. James Harden- the beard is just corny to me
    4. Jeremy Lin- nice guy...but a fraud
    5. Tyler Hansborrough - douche
    6. Reggie Evans- fake tough guy
    7. Brandon Jennings- thinks he's better than he is
    8. Tyrus Thomas- waste of talent
    9. Channing Frye- dubbed our future franchise player
    10. Michael Beasley- can't quite place it.

    no particular order beyond KG!!!
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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