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    Originally Posted by RunningJumper
    If Baron plays very good don't be surprised if we have to offer him the MLE to get him back.

    Before you say that's crazy...don't get greedy. We're very fortunate as it is, and that would not be a bad contract if he does add that much to our team this season.
    I was joking, but honestly if Baron plays well there isn't really a need for Nash.

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    Originally Posted by la2ny
    I was joking, but honestly if Baron plays well there isn't really a need for Nash.
    Well I wasn't directing that towards you in particular. I just can see people around here getting greedy with the new CBA lol.

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    Originally Posted by Wargames
    ^^^^ This. The Knicks cannot bid on Wilson Chandler this year, let alone actually get him. The only way to get Wilson Chandler is if a few key things happen.

    1. He goes back to Denver and take the Qualifying offer this year so he can be an Unrestricted Free agent next summer.

    2. Either Denver buries him on there bench due to him being a late arrival at a non needed place, also they have to not trade him to a team that needs a sg/sf for a piece they do need.

    3. Other teams have to not overpay him with a 8-10 million dollar deal (I can see the Nets doing this because they continue to try to steal knock fans by acquiring players the Knicks want (Melo=Fail, S. Williams=steal). So the Nets would have to have the epiphany that all they're doing is pissing knock fans off.

    4. Then he would have to accept about 6 million a year for 3 years and with his addition about 2 rings at least.

    K.Matt can just choose to come to New York and play for a ring. If he accepts the 2.5 for 2 years that's great he is basically ending his career here, as a good bench player and adds that Oakley presense we fans are always clamoring.

    As for the PG situation the best scenario is Baron works out and agrees to sign for cheap again next year since Cleveland is paying him next year as well. Then in the 2013 the Knicks could hopefully sign him to a decent deal to continue winning in NY.

    As for the draft who knows the Knicks are pretty stacked. Wilson Chandler if he came here would be to be a sixth man player due to his versitility (similar to odom who can play the 3,4,5). The Knicks should be covered at all needs right now and only need diversity on the bench.
    Mr. Chandler will not be ready til March the chances that there is going to be a bunch of teams lined up throwing money at him is remote

    True Denver can match anything offered, but come March they will have two mindsets, if they are playing well then "if it aint broke why fix it" if they are out of the playoff hunt then they may view paying for yet another SF (they have Gallo,Al Harrington,Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer) foolish!

    Denver can match, but I doubt they will, must we forget that Wilson also was in and out of the rotation towards the end of the season.

    Other teams will have more than the 2.5 to offer, but teams with cap space at that point in the season are not going to be contenders for anything but lottery positioning.

    The Knicks have a legit shot at Chandler it comes down to if we can hold on to the minny MLE til then.

    Wilson was my favorite Knick and I would love to have him back!!!

    He can play SF PF and SG for us and defend all three of those positions well.

    If he came back for less money this year, the Knicks would own his Bird Rights, thus he makes his money with us next off season!

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    But isn't the 2.5 prorated ( IE a depreciating asset) worth less than Chandler's QO? At Max that is 3.1 so even depreciated it is more than the Knicks can afford.

    Like I said the only way he can become a Knick is if he accepts the QO (this is almost automatic) from Denver and then becomes a FA next summer when the Knicks can offer him the Full MLE. As for his bird rights Odds are Denver would send them to the Knicks if they still have them since the Knicks could send them some money not to hate (The Knicks got that Dolan Money!!!)

    You are right about the market being in the Knicks favor due to Denver's SF glut minimizing his ability to showoff, however trades and haters (the nets) and just teams with more cap may interrupt the plan.

    In the Knicks favor is the fact W. Chandler seems to want to cone back and the Knicks know he would be a productive commodity (his playoff numbers were horrid but I think it was all mental).

    Also him coming back assumes that Baron Davis plays the point to his full ability. If not the MLE next year will go to sessions.....

    Or who knows maybe Phil Jackson joins the Knicks and recruit Lamar Odom.... (If this becomes an official rumor on Espn I want credit lol)
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    the Knicks are not getting Weedson back anytime soon for 2.5, this is a lame thread.

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