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    Originally Posted by RunningJumper
    I somehow have dropped a few pounds in the last few weeks even though I work out every day. Why? I even do a little more than I have the last several months.
    Im not an expert here but u might not be eating enough. And in alotta ways, its too your benefit to be stronger at a lighter weight. Its a huge advantage in sports if your built compact. Im 5'10 and a half, 147 but i look alot stronger then my weight would indicate. Some would instantly think i must be real frail. I've been this weight for a while and i work out every day too, doing squats, chin ups, sit ups, bicep curls (45 pounds, several sets of 6 and 8 until i lift the weights 50 times), pull ups, perfect pushup, pushup with a backpack on that has weights, wide and close, etc. In the summertime i rollerblade, run through the mountains like Im Steph Marbury, play basketball, bike ride. And no matter what i do my weight stays roughly the same. I dont really have a big appetite, maybe your like me but i think sometimes people like me and you need to forget about weight. If we're getting stronger progressively and more athletic, thats whats really good.

    And I think I've seen Metrocard say stay away from weights, i shoulda took your advice fam. I only curl the 45 pound weights once a week now, i was starting to get bad elbow and forearm pain. They feel much better now, i used to lift them 3 times a week but now on the other 2 days i do pull ups (which i think means chin ups underhanded, right?) to work my biceps. I would wait for Metro's response but hopefully i gave something thats somewhat accurate to hold u over fam.


    Just read the previous page, RJ i see your exactly my height but 10 pounds lighter. I dont know how you were 120 at one point, the lightest i ever was since i was this tall was 132 when I was 18. The heaviest I ever was is 161. Not sure how it happened, i didnt seem to be overweight or anything at the time. I got on meds and dropped down to 141. Then i got off the meds, only gained 6 out of 20 pounds back but i vow that im far stronger at 147 then i was at 161. You'll get there bro
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