I don't use machines often, before I graduated with a bachelors in Exercise Science, I had to perfect a variety of olympic lifts before passing my Anaerobic Training class. This included preforming and instructing. Its easy to preform an exercise, but being able to teach the skill to someone else is a whole different thing. This is why most people who work out shouldn't be out given advice if they don't really understand the background of what they're doing.

The most I ever squat was 405 lbs X 5 reps, max a little higher than that.

I don't need to lift big though because I box. Squating is a vital exercise for me though because I do modeling for a calendering for extra cash.

My formula is 4 sets, with 15 seconds of rest cut in between. 12 reps each set with 40-55% of my 1RM in each rep. Last set I may put 3 plates on each side just to add the resistance.

I don't lift much, my ab routine is insane, planking for 10 minutes straight along. I work out my upper body with pull ups(200 a day, except on Weds and Sunday) and pushups (600 a day except on Monday and Friday).

I work a lot with kettlebells for strength gains also, but like I said before being an amateur boxer I do a lot of agility drills and work on the track, sprints, bounding, box jumps, I run atleast 5 miles a day by Yancey Park by Yankee stadium....I try to keep all my fitness components well conditioned, Strength endurance, Speed, Flexibility, Agility, Power(combo of speed and strength in certain time), Balance, Cardiovascular endurance, and my brain.

I feel like the brain is the most underrated muscle in terms in fitness.

Its improtant to always clear your mind before you work out and know how to get into the ZONE you're producing optimal arousal, I'll explain more about that later.

I have a fight coming up in the last week of July and I'll let you guys know how well that'll go.

BTW heres a simple tip for you guys.

Everything works.
No one does jumpjacks anymore because they seem so basic, they're really great at burning calories and losing up the shoulders and hips.

But like I said, everything works, just work out. People are too caught up these days with the new exercise trends and doing the coolest workouts or copying someone's program.

If you work out hard to 60-80% of your maximum, AEROBICALLY and ANAERBOICALLY, and if you rest 7 hours a day, results are automatic for everyone.

5 days a week is all thats needed. 7 days in a week is just not enough time for your body to recover.