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Sorry if I missed it isayughh, but are you training for MMA/boxing? just curious. I trained in wing chun kung fu for years and later did Jeet Kune Do/BJJ/Wrestling/Boxing/Escrma stick fighting.

I've since moved away from hand-to-hand combat training as my philosophy on violence has changed drastically. As I've gotten older basketball training is where I place my focus.

I've moved to a more "bodybuilding friendly" routine, away from the SL 5x5 program. To build size you'll need more then 5 reps in a set. Always focus on the compound movements and anything extra you do should be with the idea of improving your big lifts.

Glad that we have a somewhat active fitness thread here as I suspect some Knicks fans might be more of the "armchair coach/GM" variety. lol.
Sup. I'm not currently, but I trained and competed in bjj for many years; and muay thai, also, which I've had 3 fights for. I have a couple years of pure boxing experience, and boxing is what I'd like to dedicate myself to if I get back into a sport.

Might check out Mendez Boxing soon in the city.

Right now, I'm just training for fitness. Bike a lot, am getting back into tennis a bit, and going to do a combat-style training regiment for the next 2months. I weigh 225 right now, and would like to get down to 205 by the end of it, and see whats what.

If I start boxing again, I'd look to cut even lower to 195 or so, and start focusing on making myself as big a beast as possible at a 195 walk around weight, and ultimately compete in 180 or whatever weight class is around there.

I hear you on not focusing on combat sports, though. It's not for everyone, and it can take a toll on you. Since I've stopped, I'm amazed at the stuff I've done, just in the training alone....The excellence of any quality fighter, amateur or pro, is beyond the comprehension of most people -- even most people in great shape and who go to the gym, but don't really train or compete.

Personally, I think you can gain plenty of size doing 5x5 style programs -- I gained the most muscle mass in my life, over a couple short months, doing a basic 5x5, 3x/week, and drinking a gallon of whole milk each day.

It's really about your diet, and like you said compound lifts are good, and going extremely hard in the gym, and then making sure you recover -- if your recovery sucks, even with a good diet and going hard in the gym, you might not see much.

In theory, I would agree w you that a "body building" style program is best for gaining muscle; however, I don't believe it is mutually exclusive.

If you like that style, though, by all means, and it is the "best" for muscle.

I did wing chun, too, btw, way back when. Not my thing, but pretty damn cool ****.

edit -- on topic of body building.....at end of my 5x5 (squat, bench, power cleans, shoulder press, deadlift, weighted pullups) I deadlifted 605, with a 450 ass to grass squat; for the hell of it, I went to do some curls after my cycle, and handled 65lbs dumbbells curls with ease and measured over an inch on each bicep. Just fwiw And bc I think some people get too wrapped up in "body building", and lose sight of other areas and things that come into play. Though for many, body buiding is certainly a great option and if you enjoy it and like doing it, nothing better.