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Thanks for the info, guys. little late in replying but haven't had a chance to check forums. So I signed up for crossfit for a month but didn't stick with it bc it was part of a groupon and would have gotten expensive if I continued (to the tune of like $150/month, $40 more then I used to pay going to an MMA gym which coincidentally offered a strength and conditioning class in addition to their martial arts classes).

What I found weird with it is that the workouts seemed kind of random and we were using weights everyday. From my understanding, doing high intensity workouts EVERY day hurts more than it helps and it's good to have a rest day in between where you do cardio or something light.

Again, I don't have extensive knowledge on this so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

It takes a toll on your central nervous system.

you CNS takes about two weeks to recover from Cross Fit.

Their ideology is just to train hard everyday and eventually see results.

But guess what happens?

They get injured, suffer from pain and leave the gym.

Leave the gym by choice, not by injury or pain. Workout smart and hard enough.