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In home jumproping, push ups, planks, ab workouts, kettlebells, shadowboxing.....very light stuff.

I know better to not rush my body back in my insane routine, I would just mess up my form and technique, gotta work on that again.

What you've been doing at the gym?

Have you tried front squatting? Did you ever like it?
My friend has me doing targeting different muscle groups every day. A few hours ago we did biceps and triceps. Definitely the toughest workout for me so far. After that we did legs.

I haven't tried front-squatting. I had to look it up. I used twenty pound weights holding them like I would a suitcase and did 12, 16, then jumping squats of 12. I used to hold weight above my shoulders, but I don't know what is the best for me now and I just started exercising good again so I wasn't going to raise it above my shoulders.

After the squats I did very little bike to make my to make my legs and knees feel good after the squats. Not much, don't want to do a lot of cardio as of now since I want to gain weight.

Squats are a badass workout.