Good ol' diamond push ups

30 diamond push ups
do 4 sets.

All your chest exercises

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Us Dominicans don't have that chest build...its genetics. LOL, but don't worry mayne, we gotta other things to replace that. Just work every muscle, there may be muscles you're superior at compared to muscles, do everything for optimal results!

For gaining, it takes a lot of discipline and dedication to your diet.

Just keep increasing your calorie intake, basically just meaning to eat BIGGER than what you ate yesterday.

To help boost calories make a high calorie smoothie with NESTLÉ CARNATION Instant Nonfat Dry Milk , bananas, orange juice, ice cream and some water .
It also help adding cheese to more foods and other "extras". like sour cream on baked potatoes, gravy on meats, butter on vegetables, mayonnaise on sandwiches, cream cheese on fruits.

All nuts are usually very high in calorie, and healthy.
snack on nuts alot. (no homo)

You should be eating at least 6 times a day with meals 3 hours apart from each other. Lets say
1. 7:00am
2. 10:00am
3. 1pm
4. 4pm
5. 7pm
6. 10pm.
Your total caloric intake should consist of
Protein – around 25% of total caloric intake. This include eggs, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken, lean red meat, fish and turkey.
Carbohydrates – around 50% of your caloric intake. Good choices include brown rice, potatoes, beans, whole grain breads and cereals and pastas, oats, fruits and vegetables.
Fats – 25% of your caloric intake that include olive oil, fish oil, nuts and natural peanut or almond butter.

Breakfast: oats, eggs, fruits, cottage cheese, yogurt, high protein cereal, high protein pancakes, etc

Mid morning and mid afternoon snacks: cottage cheese, yogurt, pop top cans of tuna, chicken or salmon, sandwiches, homemade protein shakes or bars, fruit, nuts, etc

Lunch and Dinner: chicken or lean red meat or fish or turkey with potatoes or brown rice or vegetables or beans, etc

Before bedtime: cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, peanut or almond butter, eggs, nuts, etc

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Follow this and report back with your results, good luck primo!