Break Out the Unintentional Comedy Scale, I've booked Hollywood Henderson for my commercial-free Sports Talk Radio Show tonight (he'll be on about 9:05, and there will be plenty of time for Knicks talk thereafter).

I figure I'll be asking him about jail (coke, pot, underage girls), 3 Super Bowls, his great verbal putdown of Bradshaw (which Bradshaw answered), his relationships with Landry and Staubach, parties at Richard Pryor's house, and the ultimate twist--winning million dollar payouts (yes, plural) in the Texas State Lottery.

Please post any of your memories of him, and any questions you think I should ask him. Let the onslaught begin...

Show Info: 90.3 FM TONIGHT from 9PM to 11PM on Garden City's 90.3 FM. You can pick up the signal in most of the Tri-State area. Unfortunately, we are not yet webcast. Thanks.