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First of all I believe you contradicted yourself.
Second, Ummmm aren't these things that the coach can correct??? YES!
Yes the coach can correct certain things we are seeing, such as lack of movement. This will take time though. Which why I'm saying it's WAY too early to blame MDA. I usually agree with SSJ4wingzero, but this thread wasn't needed in the least.

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I can't believe people are saying wait for B-diddy to see more movement off the ball.

No disrespect, but that's the stupidest mother ****ing thing I've ever heard. If a coach sees a lack of movement off the ball, he needs to coach his men up.

You coach what you have, not wait for a player to heal up. What happens when Baron is controlling the ball, and Bill and Landry stand like statues on the left flank, Melo to the right, and STAT in the middle, Baron hands off to Melo and runs to the right corner to statue up over there?

Should we then wait for Willis Reed to come hobbling outta the locker room?
We need a point who can push tempo, run a pick and roll and actually drive the ball into the teeth of the defense. Baron can do these things when right physically. He could add this component to our team and it would help us. That's all I was getting at. Having him will open things up and make it easier to move the ball to the open man because teams wil have to pick their poison off the pick. Anyway, I'm hoping this is how we'll look once BD is back and acclimates. It really depends on how good he gets at running our O.

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One other thing.

I was watching the Encore just now to subject myself to some extra torture and the second quarter started with Clyde Frazier saying two things within the span of thirty seconds.

"The Knicks...without ball movement right now, folks."


"That time we saw no Knicks try to go up for the offensive rebound."

Sums up last night entirely.
Takes time to get that trust/ feel for where everyone will be, where they like the ball, etc. Takes time to develop chemistry. Doesn't happen overnight dude. MDA isn't making the passes or not making them. He's not missing the shots. The players have to execute. If we still look like this 15 games from now. I'll be right there with you bitchn and moanin. Now aint the time my dude. My guess is things will start to come together in 15-20 games. Till then we'll be up and down. There may be some ugly, scratch your head type losses, some good wins. Point is not to get to high or low right now as a fan because this group really doesn't know each other that well.

Our guys need to figure out how to play/win together on the court. The coach can't do that for them. THIS IS FACT. People around here miss that alot of times.