The fact we need a PG.


Many times last night, our offense completely looked lost. Standing still, looking like they didn't know what to do on the court. Interesting statistic. I forget the percentage but any time the knicks move the ball and have more than 3 passes, the scoring percentage sky rockets. How many times did Melo or Amare get the ball and shoot the ball immediately. Or Tony Douglas checks in to the game and the first thing he does is shoot.

The offense needs a competent true PG who can run the floor put players in to their positions, and run plays effectively. We have all the talent in the world, but unfortunately both of our super stars are use to playing with Great PG's.

We are seeing the result of not having a good PG. Yes we will win some games on sheer talent alone, (Boston). But last nights game should make it painfully obvious to all of us that we will not make it far with out a PG. To many scorers not enough facilitators.

Right now we need to see what Jeremy Lin can do until Diddy gets back. Tony Douglas is a small SG, and Melo SHOULD NOT be handling the ball more than a dozen possessions. I can promise you all once we get a competent PG who can run the floor, setup our scorers in positions and run the P&R, it'll be scary to play the Knicks.

People also need to stop blaming Dantoni. This isn't his fault. He does not have a PG to run his system. Trying to force Tony Douglas in to that is like trying to put a square peg in to a circle hole, it is just never going to fit. Our last hope resides on B Diddy and Jeremy Lin. Shump, Douglas are combo guards who should really be playing the 2.

//End Rant