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    Exclamation Offensive Schemes

    Let's talk hoops!
    We are all very dissapointed (to say the least) after yesterday's performance, and the most important thing right now is to recognize that we have a huge problem to solve.
    So I'd like to hear your ideas: What would be the ideal offensive strategy for this team, given this players?

    I'm ****ing pissed at MDA as much as you guys, but the idea is to be constructive and not just criticize.

    IMHO we can make this work, even MDA can make this work by going back to the 7SOL and pick and roll. IsoMelo is a great weapon we can't deny, but we cannot expect to rely on it all game long. I don't ever want to see 5 mid range jumpers in a row like I did yesterday, it was ****ing sad.

    I know you guys know more about this than I do, so please share your thoughts!

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    Melo is an underrated passer and great shooter. Stoudemire is a great pick and roll player.

    Why hasn't the team tried using a Melo to Amar'e pick and roll yet? If Melo is our playmaker, then...

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    More back door screens. Down Screens to free up threes. P&R.

    SO on and So forth. To many offensive weapons

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    This is the big mystery......We are so F"in predictable that if our superstars are not hitting their shots we becomes a stagnant team....

    Last night nobody cuts to the hoop....Never once did we have Chandler post down low....He is not a real offensive player but the dude is able to post down and score or at least draw defenders and kick it out....

    I have not seen in 2 games one pass to chandler posting down low..

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