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    Default When I think of the Knicks

    All I can think about is the backcourt. I get this depressing feeling. Actually, it's kind of scary. This team is making our 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 teams look good. The last two games I've witnessed some of the most frightening guard play in the history of the NBA. The sadness I get when I see Douglas bring the ball up the court, do uninspiring dribbling, then pass it with one hand with absolutely no play in mind is incomprehensible. Mike Bibby has a nice tempo to his dribble, looks to be in good shape, moves well, seems like he could channel the 2005 version of himself sometimes with the way he looks, but he also has done nothing for us. Fields isn't a good ball handler, he's a high IQ off the ball player, yeah, that'll come in handy with our active PGs.

    Seriously Balkman and Walker are better options now. It's not even an argument. Think about this, with our backcourt, Amar'e doing bad with this backcourt, our defense being bad in general, Melo is our ONLY guy right now, and the last two games he didn't have much of an impact.

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    Our backcourt isn't that bad. Douglas and Bibby are capable enough to run an offense, but they're doining what our coach want them to do. I check our last game again and there are two main things I saw:
    - no movement inside the arch, which means no chance for P&R or offensive boards;
    - no coach involvement, no calls for plays, no adjustments, no yelling at your players.
    I simply believe coach D knows he won't extend with the Knicks, and this is because:
    - too much talk about defense, he was forced to hire a defensive assistant and all his players are talking about playing D;
    - there are no excuses left, he got all the pieces he needed;
    - Walsh left the ship.
    D'Antoni doesn't know what happens around the franchise, he couldn't answer simple media questions about our current players or eventual acquisitions, he doesn't respond to situation on the court and it all simply looks like he doesn't give a stuff. Talking defense got him out of Phoenix and the same thing happens now in NY...

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