How strange is this, pjax twitters me by mistake, he was trying to twitter himself, wierd guy, so here is what he said:

Yo pjax.. xmas present is coming just like i thought, how cool is this, crazy. so, gotta twit me so i don't forget the plan.

1. knicks run by dtoni sinking fast, nash can't save him now.
2. knicks shud be 0 - 3 if pp was not out for celts opening day.
3. mjax out coached him like i figured at gold state.
4. lakers not good as before but trashed knicks as i thought.
5. k, gotta play it cool for now, wait til end of jan., knicks fold s/b done.
6. put word out i miss coaching, dream about old knick days..yea got that.

k, note to self on plan:

i'm ego maniac, just like amare, melo, chandler...i can relate..pump dem up.
tell amare, melo, chand, in ny be kings for me.
wait for baron, but make my move before he gets knicks running good.
pic n roll for amare, just roll to the hoop & we'll hit you.
melo n like rookie dreamin of money n women..can't stop that.
show team Defence is in your head & feet...baseline belongs to us.
a guy likes to go left, turn him right, etc.,....easy stuff.
god am i lucky, Dtoni stupid...this will be easy...i can't wait.
tell landry, tonyD, Iman.."this is clyde, he will now teach you how to play".
oh god, can't believe this is playin out so clear..too easy.

k, gotta calm down, wait to make my pitch, $10 MM per, king of ny again!!