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    the play with him dribbing into the paint like he was a point guard and Kobe stripped him from behind was priceless
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    Originally Posted by quiggle
    the play with him dribbing into the paint like he was a point guard and Kobe stripped him from behind was priceless
    Why? Are you really a Knick fan? Maybe you can show us the proper way of driving to the paint against Kobe. SMH

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    Originally Posted by MeloforMayor
    Why? Are you really a Knick fan? Maybe you can show us the proper way of driving to the paint against Kobe. SMH
    am I a Knicks fan? why should I be a fan of subpar basketball? I dont and neither should any of you owe allegiance to the players, they are contracted by the team. why some of you continue to sit and bite your tongues for this disgrace team is beyond me. show me the fire and heart, haven't seen this since the late 90's.
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    Originally Posted by KBlack25
    The problem is Amare and Melo are both ball stoppers - Amare was successful running pick and roll with Felton early last year, that was our bread and butter go-to play.

    With Douglas, sometimes I feel like he holds on to the ball way too long and is not looking to distribute as much as I would like. The ball goes to Amare or Melo on the outside and they try and take it 1-on-1. They need a PG who will run the pick and roll or do something.

    They really need Rubio to be honest.
    The two superstars need a strategic-headcoach....that knows how to use a
    BIGMAN like C-Tyson Chandler on offense and defense.
    Tyson is not a scorer, he is a wide-screener to pick for Melo peremeter-skills,
    and to set screens for Amare pick n roll.

    On defense Toney Douglas run into screens throughout the game....wheres
    the many screens or picks was set for Toney Douglas by
    Melo, Amare, and Tyson in the past 3 games? None.
    Would Melo, Amare, and Tyson be setting screens & picks for Billups? Hell Yeah!

    To hell with this fake coach. Any real coach works with what he has/ he adapts and plays to his players to their strenghs. We signed and traded damn near the whole NBA to give him a chance and he still sucks. Why should we give him EXACTLY what he wants, who in the hell do he think he is? If a PG is not available.... then draw up some damn post plays or something for your Stat And Mello and stop having them around the 3 point line tossing them up.
    All this talent and he can't do a damn thing with it becasue his lame ass needs a certain type of PG...

    The Knicks now have a real 7.0 center in the starting lineup....and the headcoach
    still got everyone playing the 3-point line on offense. Is it me, or is Dantoni
    actually clueless on how to use a bonafide center in his rotation.
    Amare suppose to be position in the middle on offense, while Tyson screens,
    pick, block-out-paint, and be position for a put-back.
    On Defense we need Tyson in the paint....not outside defending on the peremeter.

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    Originally Posted by Oakman88
    He took the words right out of my mouth when he said that. WTF were we watching last night? This is beyond time to gel. The ball went to Melo or Amare and they Iso'd. There was NO BALL MOVEMENT. TO much Isolation, no body movements. No offensive sets. Amare looked lost. Melo tried to shoulder too much. Chandler was a NO FACTOR. The offense looked elementary.

    Even Reggie said like its clear they don't have any offensive chemistry. Run some BASIC basketball sets. backdoor screens. Down screens..Dantoni is a freaking Idiot.
    It's amazing how we are just not a fundamentally sound team. Mike D never stresses fundamentals. He hopes that a players talent will just get him over the hump, meaning he'd rather have someone who just makes lights out 3's and has amazing court vision run his team than him actually running set plays and adjusting in the game.

    I haven't liked this guy from day one, but the Knicks have had their good and bad stretches.

    Right now we are seeing how bad his teams are without Steve Nash running the point, they are terrible.

    His offense is stagnant without a pure PG.

    Douglas is not a PG, he is a small tweener who is really a small 2 guard Jason Terry type.

    Shumpert and Davis couldn't be healthy any sooner.

    I never see any one passing to Chandler on pick and rolls, and why is Amare not picking and rolling anymore?

    Why doesn't Douglas come off screens like Ray Allen and pop a three of a screen? Why don't we post up Amare more often instead of having him camp 20 feet from the hoop? He can't ball handle and is missing the mid range so it would make sense.

    Too many questions.

    I was calling for Mike D to be fired back when we had a crappy team. Then Amare came and we would have won more games. Then Melo came and the offense changed entirely.

    Now we have a solid team. No excuses.

    I don't care if Douglas sucks at can bring in Jeremy Lin who has better court vision. You can stop playing Fields so many minutes and play Walker more. You can STOP playing Amare at Center and use Harrelson and Jerome Jordan at the 5 and keep Amare at the 4 unless every big man is hurt. You can have your team attack the boards more instead of always running back for transition defense. All it takes is having Tyson or Fields always attacking the hoop for offensive rebounds then send everyone back, is it that hard?

    How are we getting outrebounded with Douglas who is a good rebounder for a PG, Fields who is one of the best rebounders at SG, Melo who averages 6+ rebounds a game, Amare averages 8+ and Tyson averaged 10 rebounds a game last year????? Walker is also a good rebounder, Balkman is a good rebounder....why are we getting outrebounded?

    Because Mike D's style makes us jack up shots then run back for defense, we don't focus on getting high percentage shots and getting rebounds. It's sickening.

    The "system" only looks good when u have a good distributing PG and everyone hitting their shots.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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