Can this really be blamed on the lockout? Notice the simplistic plays run by the Lakers, then take note of what our Knickerbockers do immediately after the Lake-show do their thing.

On this next one, Tyson picks and rolls without any conviction and steps into some waiting D, only the ball moves and finds Fields, who drives into the waiting D, it's kicked back out to Melo, who hits a shot over a man closing out...because no one went anywhere. After Tyson finished strolling into the paint, the only movement is Fields driving into a dude's chest, and then looking at Melo. Tyson has rebound position for a closer attempt, the Lakers have FOUR bodies in position for a long rebound.

How is any of this due to a lack of training camp?

These aren't even open shots...contested and no chance for an offensive board. I mean yeah...some teams sacrifice offensive 'bounds for transition D, or setting up your half court D early. But those offenses usually try to foray into the paint and get high percentage looks since there won't be any attempts at second chance points.

What the **** is this?

When D'Antoni sees this ▼

how come a TO isn't called to correct the offense? Take note of the shot clock...that's not an early shot. 12 seconds have elapsed and that's the best shot and positioning the team achieved. Why is Walker standing behind STAT on a shot attempt...why is there not A SINGLE HUMAN BEING in the paint? What's happening right here?

These aren't execution problems, they're a lack of anything to execute problem. This isn't sloppy play, this is "what are we watching right now?" basketball, like Reggie stated last night.

MDA also said he wouldn't go to a zone last night because they didn't put one in....well...the Lakers are dragging you up and down the court in man...why not try a basic matchup zone, just to give it a shot? What's the worst that could happen? The Lakers shoot over 70% in a quarter?

Where are the in-game corrections and adjustments? When you see your team playing like this early in the game, how does it last for a whole half?

I forgot who said it, but coaches aren't supposed to tell players what they're not doing, they're supposed to tell players what they need to do.

Does Mike do that? If he is, one of three things is happening. 1) The players aren't listening; 2) he has no valuable info to impart on them and doesn't craft a plan on the spot to correct issues; or 3) he's fine with what he's seeing.

Now, of course I don't believe he's ok with what he's seeing, but instead of sitting and looking lost in translation:

coach up your team, and make in game corrections before the game gets out of hand.

And I don't want to hear about gelling and chemistry and all of those media derived terms that people love to couple with a good vocabulary and act as if they're saying something.

In 07-08 the Celtics added KG, Ray, Eddie House, Kendrick Perkins, and PJ Brown. That team gelled their way to a 20-2 record in their first 22 games. It doesn't take long with proper coaching and philosophies.