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    From a coaching stand point, there was no reason to allow Melo to keep Isoing and get double teamed in the second half.

    Put him in the PnR so he HAS TO BE DECISIVE AND DO SOMETHING, to get the ball movement we had in the first half. You have to put guys in position for success, or to recapture past success.

    But you have to see it and act on it. Have a reason for everything you do in the game.

    This doesn't make me confident that he does that:

    If you're saying that he needs starter quality on his bench, and he can't manage the parts that he does have to compliment his dominant frontline, then I'm telling you we don't have a coach.

    I can not stress enough how dumb it was to bench Lin, who was playing well, for TD and then to leave Douglas in when he was having a poor performance.

    What makes anyone confident that MDA would manage a good bench well? He's already not playing another young 7 footer in Jordan. In the past 2 years we've had Anthony Randolph, Timofey Mozgov, Jerome Jordan, and Tyson Chandler.

    Three of those guys got less minutes than Jared Jeffries, two have moved onto other teams and are contributing, and the only one playing is a 10 year vet with a ring.

    Bench depth isn't the sole problem, bench usage is a bigger issue.

    Check out the 2nd reason on my list of MDA's faults.

    Originally Posted by nuckles2k2
    Baron Davis won't bring accountability from Melo all the way to Jordan, Davis won't be the reason why MDA better utilizes his timeouts (17-7 run on christmas before he stops the clock), Davis won't fix MDA's rotations for him.

    Baron Davis might distribute the ball better than it's being distributed now.....there's a whole host of things to get thru before you get to his need of a PG.

    1)Philosophical indifference
    2)Inability or unwillingness to adjust to roster
    3)Poor in-game manager
    4)Seemingly horrible communicator based on his post-game interviews, and lack of response by players on court.
    5)Definitely a poor motivator
    6)Entire "system" is based on having a really, really, really, good, preferably an established veteran, PG. Can't adjust to a combo guard to make team run at high efficiency. So if he doesn't have his "pieces" he's not much of a coach.
    7)Seemingly spends more time politicking with refs, than actually coaching.

    I have 5 issues on my list before we get to the PG issue.

    I think this is what Red is trying to get across to folks. This goes far beyond the box score, and how it was affected by our lack of a PG.
    Guess if I was simple in the mind...everything would be fine.

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    Originally Posted by Sprewell-Houston
    I really don't know what to make of this fan base.....maybe we get what we deserve???
    Yep. The people demanding we trade for Melo at all cost really have no right to complain. This is what they asked for. Some of us could see this train wreck coming well before the trade even went down.

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    Again how can we blame Melo....

    We are the only NBA team without a PG. And better yet we have a rookie SG playing PG........

    YES Lin should play over Douglas but lets not kid ourselves once Lin gets playing times I am sure teams around the NBA will know how to defend his strengths and exploit his weaknesses...

    We can all bitch and moan but without a PG a team of Kids or an NBA team cannot fuction....

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    I'm probably one of Melo's strongest critics. I never really liked him as a player and we obviously gave up way to much for him. That being said, you can't really blame him for doing what he does best and what he's been coached to do since high school, which is shoot, shoot, and when in doubt, keep shooting. Also to his credit, after losing so many games he asked if he was the problem. That show's he has character.

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