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    Default Amare needs Baron more then anybody else

    Stoudemire is not as good of a one on one player as some of us think he is, unless his jumpshot is on. Nash used to get him easy baskets, the only legit run and gun point guard Stat has played with in NY is Ray Felton. Lets not get into an argument over whether or not hes legit, compared to Douglas he is and im'a leave it at that.

    Billups is more of a halfcourt point guard, Baron is the type of point guard Amare needs. Smh @ that Melo is a cancer thread. Melo's not a cancer and hes not a point guard like Dantoni is forcing him to be. Melo played aright last night, the 5 turnovers was because hes trying to do much due to the fact that we have to overcompensate for not having any guards....forget point guards, we barely even have any guards. And i noticed at least twice Melo made bad passes because nobody else was moving at all, the offense was very stagnant. Im not trying to completely defend him either he still coulda played better.

    Its still too quick to panic, way to soon. Im not sure how good this team is but they're not as bad as they're playing. Just hang in there knicks fans, I dont think it will take shumpert much time to get back where he was. Hes a strong, athletic guy and he will help when he comes back. Baron, even if hes not in good shape hes better then douglas and bibby. Barons said all the right things, he looks like hes motivated. He said he wanted to be in great shape before he returns so Im guessing if hes saying 3 weeks that a little bit of that time will be doing physical therapy for his back and the rest of the time will be spent running 20 miles in soft sand, on or off land


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    Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni said it could be five weeks before Baron Davis makes his Knicks debut.

    “Everything I hear is positive, but there’s no timetable yet,’’ D’Antoni said. “He’s doing everything possible to get ready as soon as he can. But it’s going to be a while. I keep asking him every hour or so. He’s still got about five weeks to go. .’’

    Davis, despite his rehab program from a herniated disk, is traveling with the club.
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