What I don't understand about Amar'e is why he doesn't use some post moves like Blake Griffin does. They aren't exactly Hakeem The Dream moves, but good enough to create space and spin your way to the hoop, using that athleticism.

Amar'e is basically 60% a jump shooter and 40% a pick and roll guy. He doesn't use the low post at all which is kind of sad, watching Blake using it so well...and a fully healthy Amar'e is probably still the second most athletic power forward in the league.

Averaging below 9 rebounds a game for his career is another thing I don't understand, given his size and athleticism.

It's kind of sad that Amar'e's game relies on his point guard. Of course, everybody plays better with a world class pg running the show, but Stoudemire is probably the guy who relies on a great playmaker the most of all star players in the league.