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Well, I don't like his demeanor on the court, but he's a fine player and really making the most of his athletic ability.

Amar'e has a better jumpshot and more range, he's also a better shot blocker at this point than Blake, but Blake is already a much better rebounder, passer and low post player than STAT has been in his career.

I don't want to turn this into a Blake vs Amar'e comparison.

It's just one thing that in my oppinion Amar'e could adopt from Blake's game, his low post moves.
Blake Griffin actually seems like a pretty cool guy, I don't get why you don't like his demeanor? But yeah STAT should definitely learn some moves Hakeem Olajuwon, dude has zero post game. I could definitely see him ****ing **it up in the paint, getting double teamed and dishing it to Melo for the easy shot. He seriously needs to add another move to his arsenal, maybe a hook shot? Why not? I see Gasol and Garnett do it all of the time.