We didn't have a game thread for the Lakers-game, so I fancied a go. It's very basic and universes behind Crazy8's game threads, but better than nothing I guess.

Knicks vs Kings in Sactown

Projected Starting Lineups:

Tyson Chandler
Carmelo 'Melo' Anthony
Landry Fields
Toney Douglas
Mike Bibby


Demarcus Cousins
Chuck Hayes
John Salmons
Marcus Thornton
Tyreke Evans


Amar'e Stoudemire
Baron Davis
Iman Shumpert

Kings Record so far: 1-2 (Including an Opening Night victory against the Lakers).

Knick in the focus for this game:

Carmelo 'Melo' Anthony

With Amar'e apparently out for this game, and no Davis or Shumpert, Melo is our only offensive weapon. If Melo has a huge night we have a chance, if not it's gonna be close to impossible to win this one.

Keys to victory:

- Rebounding, we've been outrebounded in each of the 3 games so far. We need to establish some kind of solid defensive rebounding and prevent the other team from getting so many offensive boards and second or third chances.

- Offensive flow, our offense has been well discussed on this board. It's plain and simple, we need to score and get back to some kind of offensive flow and rhythm. Amar'e out might actually help Melo to be more effective.

- Defense, for some strange reason, we've played great first quarter defense in each of our 3 games so far, but played very bad defense in the second half. In order to actually hold on to leads or bounce back from defecits, we need to play defense for 48 minutes and especially in the 4th quarter.

- Overcome lack of depth, with Amar'e, Baron Davis, Iman Shumpert and Jared Jeffries all out, our depth is pretty much non-existing for this game. We need big games from Melo, Bibby and Chandler to win this game.

Let's GO Knicks!!!!!