Had to stop reading last couple pages, most ridiculous thread in awhile. Good game, we needed one of these, and we need to find wins while we "figure things out", but I agree that you shouldn't get overly excited. That said, I think it's good Stoudemire saw this, he hasn't done enough and hopefully will start to, but anyone thinking Harrelson is better on the whole is overreacting in a big way. Also why are there 2 people in this thread just pissing on every possible thing. Nothing better to do on New Years Eve than put down the Knicks? **** outta here man. NYK_NYK hopefully I got user right, posts Mike Breen needs to learn rules... you seriously thought Bibby's foul was a flagrant? He didn't got for ball sure, he grabbed arm to prevent layup, no wind up, no follow through, not towards head, and not malicious, not even remotely close to a flagrant, stop trying to ruin us for every single thing for no reason. Also quiggle with your rampant hate, mentioned the only thing good in the win was watching Amare on the bench. Well thanks for displaying your intelligence... he was receiving treatment in the locker room, but I take your point, we suck, Kings are awful so that's the only reason we got an easy road win, Stoudemire is worthless and should immediately be traded for whatever we can get, and we'd be much better playing unproven 2nd rounders otherwise we're destined for a 20 win season. Have you watched this league before? It's pretty common that a star player being out short term actually improves play because many role players step up. It happened tonight. In the long term, I think I'll stay with Amare over Harrelson as a starter. Amare needs to address things, and I like Harrelson alot for a minutes off the bench guy, but some of you need to stop shock posting for reactions, it's annoying

Sorry, I normally ignore things I think are BS, it's just an online forum, but the needless negativity on a night people are supposed to be celebrating was overly insane