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    Not that I particularly want to see him back, but would he even want to play for the Knicks again? Does anyone know?

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    He won't play for the knicks or the NBA again. He made his money. In a chat via the web last year he said "Call me 2-Max-Marbury" (referring to the fact that him and Kobe were the only 2 that got 2 max contracts out of that CBA) and insinuated that David Stern is a homosexual and that he wouldn't play again in the league.

    He seems happy in China.

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    Originally Posted by KingStarbury3
    Ovirus needs a manpon

    Stephon Marbury is still an elite level NBA point guard. His style would be perfect for this current Knicks roster, it'd almost be like having Chris Paul. Most point guards cant score 20 a game and dish out 8 to 10 assists
    You're talking bout the prime Marbury....last time he played a season for us, he put up 13.9 ppg and 4.7 apg and was a nightmare in the locker room and during practices....20 and 8....those times are long gone and you can thank Larry Brown for that!

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    Originally Posted by Wargames
    as crazy as marbury is I'm happy he is having some success on the other side of the world..... He should stay there.

    Is he playing PG overseas, or SG?

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