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    Game Thread 1-2-12 Knicks vs Craptors Game

    Tonight's Matchup:


    WNY_Knickfan's Line-up Prediction:
    For the Knicks:
    PG- Toney Douglas
    SG- Landry Fields
    SF- Carmelo Anthony
    PF- Josh Harrellson*
    C- Tyson Chandler
    *Amare Stoudemire is listed as a game time decision after missing the shootaround. I don't expect him to play, no reason to come back until ankle is 100% at this point in the season.
    Iman Update: Shumpert looked very active at the shootaround, making cuts on the injured knee. Looks like he'll be back in action on the short end of that predicted 2-4 weeks!

    For the Craptors:
    PG- Jose Calderon
    SG- Demar Derozan
    SF-Rasual Butler
    PF- Andrea Bargnani
    C- Amir Johnson

    Quick thoughts- Toronto's bigs (Amir Johnson, Jamal Magloire) are foul magnets, so staying out of early foul trouble for Tyson Chandler could be big, as he can utilize the roll to get their best physical presences a spot on the bench.
    Landry Fields should have his hands full with Demar Derozan, a young player I like alot in this league. I expect Landry to have gained confidence from his last outing, and he should make Derozan prove he can consistently hit the jumper, the kid is a beast when get gets moving towards the rim.
    Calderon is still a solid pg, good assist/turnover ratio and can still hit the 3 if Toney goes under the screens.
    Bargnani is obviously their top gun, but I think a combination of Harrellson and maybe some Balkman can frustrate him, we just need Bargnani to not go off from the 3 point line like crazy.

    Prediction- Knicks win, 103-92, and Bargnani becomes the 2nd straight opposing 4 to demand a trade following the game... ok maybe not, but hopefully we win by at least 1!

    Craptors have had moments this year for a team I expect to finish last in the Atlantic, however it's their turn to play their 3rd road game in 4 nights, and I think we are a tougher opponent to finish with than the Kings were for us.

    Scout Ryan Wallace had this to say on TKB about Toronto's defense:
    "Defense: Dwane Casey is quoted as saying he wants to change the defensive culture in Toronto. Toronto plays very feisty man to man defense. Dwane Casey is also the architect of the Dallas Mavericks 2-3 zone used so effectively vs. the Miami Heat in the Finals, and Toronto uses it extensively. On two occasions the Raptors used the zone to get back in the game at the end of the 2nd and 3rd quarters vs. Dallas. Didn’t use the zone vs. Orlando due to having the lead most of the game and Orlando’s three point shooters. You must attack this zone with dribble penetration and not settle for hoisting three pointers. Same thing vs. man to man as Toronto lacks any real shot blocking."

    Mike? MIKE?!! Please read this Mike, no settling for hoisting threes right?

    Last but not least... just for you KingStarbury

    Her best effort or not, I definitely would Ciara

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