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That's the thing. Nobody really knew how hard the owners were going to push for a lower hard cap. Prior to the lockout (which is when Melo was getting his deal done), there was talk that the entire season would be lost and all contracts would be scaled back. There was also a possibility of a franchise tag, and that would've REALLY screwed Melo over.
All that talk was bullsh*t. I called it over a year ago. Max contracts were going to be fine. The players assoc would not have stood for franchise tags. I was saying over a year ago, the players that stood to lose the most in the new CBA were free agents like Nene and Crawford. But we didn't hear a peep from them. Not a single complaint about needing to be traded.

I find it funny that when a CEO or Wall Stret guy pulls something similar everyone calls it greed, but when Melo does it, he's looking out for his family. SMH.