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youre right, I stand corrected on that as I guess technically Penny would compare to Chauncey because they were collateral damages as part of the star trade (Marbury vs. Melo) and we traded Penny to get Steven Francis who was supposed to be that other piece to help Marbury, just like Billups was kind of traded to get Chander who is supposed to help Melo.

are you just frightened that this is all happening again because its really uncrackling before our eyes
Steve francis was a stupid move to begin with, he was a washed up ball hog player. That whole team was made of ball hogs. Besides Melo they're are no natural ISO players on the team. Amare can ISO but he thrives in the P'N'R. As for chandler he wasnt brought here for Melo. He was brought he to stop teams from killing us in the paint rebound wise, to play defense, and too allow Amare to play PF so that the likelihood of him having a career ending injury playing as center would be lower.

Anyhow there is nothing to be scared about. If anything the Knicks are a bunch of Lucky SOB's. They paid fair price for Melo (when they should of raped the nuggets) and are a year away from regaining most of that lost depth. Also if it wasnt for the amnesty they wouldn't have got CP3 and been stuck with Billups since Stern was only going to trade with a small market scrub team. I'm a lot happier with Tyson chandler and B.Diddy on this team than Being stuck with Billups trying to move him for something.

Anyhow Quigs stop the trolling the Knicks are going to be ok. If K-Mart joins they are going to be better than Ok. And if the knicks can get Phil Jackson and replace that depth next year they could even dominate.