not only we need starting PG regardless of of Davis return, we need depth.
yesterday i tried to trade Stat to Cleveland in plan of getting Melo Howard D-Will together. In this trade we get better fit PF in Jefferson for Stat. Jefferson is stronger tougher defender rebounder and stat is far better scorer. what is important Jefferson is better fit 1/2 court game similiar and better complicate to Melo. He is traditional 1/2 court post player. With the trade we could land a unportected of lower 1st rounder as well as CJ miles. The pick should help swing the rest of of our garbage players with picks for quality PG. Use stat's rep as prolific scorer and franchise face to gain the players of need.

Jazz get Stat
Knicks get Jefferson Miles Sessions
Cavs get Balkman Douglas Walker Jazz 1st

This roster is better than the roster with stat. Stronger defensive team with better perimter scoring and depth

Session Miles Melo Jefferson Chandler
Davis Shumpert Fields Jorts Jeffries
Bibby Jordan

Jazz can now become tranistional starting team with quality bench

Harris Burks Howard Stat Favors-S
Watson Bell Hayward Millsap Kantar-B