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    Default My case for a Shumpert/Walker back court

    Just based off todays game check the +/-

    Douglas/Fields -27
    Shumpert/Walker +6

    Now Shumpert should start over Toney because he makes things happen, he plays with confidence which is 1 thing you def need at PG, he also doesn't differ to STAT and Melo too much. While he can be erratic at times his current role makes him play that way. But he's big so he can see over guys and will also be able to start the defensive intensity as Defense starts with your PG. Douglas can play the role he's comfortable with which is come in play some D, hit some 3's sit down.

    Now Walker should start over Fields because he's our best option to have at the 2 if Shumpert starts at the 1. He can get his shot off on a catch and shoot unlike Fields, he can also create off the dribble better. His defense is better than Fields, he's also faster and jumps higher, I mean Fields has been getting destroyed by 2 Guards. Walker also fits in better with STAT and Melo and doesn't differ to them too much.

    I'm hoping come Friday our starting line up is

    PG- Iman Shumpert
    SG- Bill Walker
    SF- Carmelo Anthony
    PF- Amar'e Stoudemire
    C- Tyson Chandler

    with our key reserves being

    G- Douglas
    G/F- Fields
    F- Balkman
    C/F- Harrellson

    Most likely we keep the same unit and continue the slow starts and stagnant offense though

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    Sadly D'Antoni won't do that.

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